You WIll receive the very highest standard OF EYE EXAMINATION tailored to your INDIVIDUAL visual requirements

Your comprehensive eye examination will always be carried out by Mrs Helen Tippett BSc(Hons) MCOptom. Helen is a very experienced clinician who qualified as an Optometrist in 1981.  Upon qualifying Helen completed her pre-registration year in Bristol with the well respected John Goatman Opticians practice in Clifton, working with both Peter and Michael Goatman.  Helen practised there for many years before joining this practice in 1992.

When you arrive for your eye examination, you will be greeted by one of our friendly and helpful team, led by our very friendly and competent Practice Manager, Cath Chriswick. Cath and her team will be able to answer any queries you might have about your appointment. If you are a new patient to us or a post-cataract patient we may measure the power of your eyes using non invasive instrument known as an Auto-refractor. You will then have the chance to relax in our somewhat quirky waiting area, listening to our Juke Box, before you are called into Helen’s consulting room.  Complimentary tea and coffee are always available before or after you go into the consulting room with Helen.

You will be asked to complete a variety of procedures which assess various elements of your sight and eye health, including a thorough examination of the back of your eye for any evidence of potential problems. None of these tests are uncomfortable or painful in any way, but all help Helen to determine whether or not you require sight correction, so it’s important to complete them as accurately as you can. Helen is very patient and painstaking throughout the eye examination.

Once Helen has completed all the necessary checks and examinations, she will explain her findings to you, including whether there is a need for spectacles or any change to your existing prescription. You’ll also have a chance to ask her about anything you don’t understand or aren’t sure of – she will always be more than happy to help! It is no exaggeration to say that Helen has her own dedicated "fan club", built up over many years, of loyal patients!

 All of our comprehensive private eye examinations include a 3D retinal laser scan of your eyes (refer to OCT in the Eye Health page of this website) at no extra cost.

NHS patients are able to upgrade to a 3D retinal laser scan for a fee of only £15.

What If You Need SPECTACLES?

Should you require spectacles, you will have the chance to browse our huge range of frames (approximately 1200) after your appointment. A member of our helpful team will always be on hand to offer advice or just a second opinion if you need one!

Dispensing Optician, Mr. Steve Dury FBDO (Foundation Fellow), SMC(disp), BOA(disp) is usually available for  consultation to discuss, suggest and prescribe the most beneficial lens design and materials for your individual requirements

2020 sees the 52nd. anniversary of Steve entering Optics as a student. Steve feels very fortunate to have been tutored, in London, for two years, by the legendary Professor Mo Jalie who is arguably the leading authority in the extremely complex field of spectacle lens design and theory.  His book 'The Principles of Ophthalmic Lenses' extends to 597 pages and is the standard reference work for both Dispensing and Optometry students.   

Spectacle lenses are far from being all of the same quality. The better the design, accuracy, personalisation and manufacture of spectacle lenses the more likely you are to see better and more comfortably.  Steve has been dispensing ZEISS Lenses, from Germany, since 1968 and considers them to be by far the finest quality lenses available.  50 million pairs of ZEISS spectacle lenses are dispensed worldwide by discerning optical professionals every year. Dury & Tippett are proud to be one of only a handful of accredited ZEISS Vision Partners in Bristol and the surrounding area.  As a Vision Partner we have adopted the ZEISS technology, I-Terminal mobile, which enables us to record all the parameters ZEISS require to design and manufacture lenses to an accuracy of within 0.1mm. Such accuracy cannot be achieved measuring with a felt pen and a ruler! We feel that your eyes deserve only the best - ZEISS.

ZEISS was founded in 1846 by Dr Carl Zeiss.Their list of achievements is legendary, with very many optical 'firsts' over the years. ZEISS Optics are trusted by many organisations including NASA, Hasselblad, Intel, AMD, Sony, Formula 1 and many movie directors. ZEISS invented interference based anti reflection coatings in1935. Did you know that ZEISS have won three Hollywood Technical Oscars for movie camera lens design? An exciting new (2018) spectacle development from ZEISS is the adoption of full UV400 protection in a clear lens - full UV protection in clear lenses. All day. Every day. Do your lenses provide full UV400protection for your eyes? Ask your optician to confirm that they do.

For more information about ZEISS and ZEISS quality have a look at the ZEISS UK Website

Children's eye exams and frame fittings

Children's Eye Testing

Your child will be spoilt for choice with eye wear at Dury and Tippett

You know as well as we do how much children sometimes hate having to sit still. Sitting still to have their eyes examined  is often even more of a struggle! That’s why, here at Dury and Tippett, Helen Tippett has devised a range of techniques to keep your little one interested and engaged throughout their eye exam.

It is often assumed that children must be able to read before they have their first eye examination, but in fact this is not the case. Using specially designed tests containing pictures and shapes, Helen can assess the vision of children as young as one year old.

It’s really important that your child has regular eye examinations, especially before they start school, to make sure that everything is as it should be. Children typically don’t know what is ‘normal’ in terms of their vision, so you can’t rely on them to tell you if there’s anything wrong.


Does Your Child Have Problems With Vision?

Any problems with  vision, no matter how minor, can affect  concentration, confidence and academic performance at school. A bored or unengaged sometimes becomes a disruptive one, and one that may lose interest in their education altogether. The earlier any problems are detected, the more likely it is that they can be corrected.. 

If your child does requires spectacles , we’ve got a great range of frames for them to choose from including Disney Princesses, Spiderman, Avengers, Ben 10, Angry Birds, Minions and No Fear. Our  team will be on hand for advice and guidance if required.