Relax in our Style Zone whilE you browse THROUGH our LARGE range of eye wear

When you are looking for new eyewear, it’s an understandably important choice. Your choice of frames can reflect your style and personality, so naturally you want to be sure that you’ve chosen the perfect pair for you.

Here at Dury and Tippett we understand your situation. That’s why we’ve created our very own in-practice ‘Style Zone’, featuring the various eye wear brands and ranges that we stock, so that you can take the time to browse your options. Tea, coffee, comfy leather chairs and our Juke Box are always available to relax you. We are air-conditioned for your comfort.

Amongst our displays you’ll find a fantastic range of both designer and unbranded frames in a variety of colours, styles and designs – you’re sure to find something that not only suits your face but your pocket too. We are proud to stock excellent quality brands such as Ray-Ban, Polo Ralph Lauren, Emporio Armani, Vogue, Ronit Furst, Guess, Ferucci, OGI, Seraphin, Vinyl Factory, Radley, and Joules among many others. We have over 1400 frames in stock. We can also supply Monocles.




World famous LINDBERG frames are in stock now. LINDBERG frames with ZEISS  precision lenses - a marriage made in heaven. These have been incredibly popular - we dispensed over 50% of our initial stock frames within just a few weeks of having them - more seem to be continuously on order from Denmark. Call in to view the most beautiful frames we have ever stocked. A  LINDBERG lightweight frame with ZEISS thinner lenses has to be the ultimate in comfort and clarity. Summer update - We are delighted to have become the fastest growing stockist of LINDBERG frames in the South West.lindberg-logo 

Struggling to Find the Right Glasses Frames?

If you’re struggling to find the right frames for your face shape or colouring, or can’t decide between two favourite choices, don’t worry. Our helpful team are all very experienced in identifying frame colours and styles that complement your natural features, and are always happy to help you make a decision if necessary! We even have a video dispensing unit that allows you to look at images of yourself wearing different frames.

Designer hand painted Matisse glasses

We have a great range of lenses for you to choose from, including specialist varifocals

When you are choosing new eyewear, it can be all too tempting to spend all your time deciding on the frame colour and style and give little or no thought to the lenses. However, it is the lenses that will be responsible for correcting your vision, so don’t forget to explore the options available to you!

Depending on your prescription, lifestyle and preferences, there are a few lens options for you to choose from.

Single vision lenses are the ‘normal’ lenses that most people have in their eyewear, and contain one prescription across the whole lens. They’re suitable for most activities, including office work, driving and reading.

As a leading ZEISS Vision Partner we can offer ZEISS Duravision Platinum single vision UV Protect lenses, to most prescriptions, for an extra cost of only £60 per pair. That's right, just £60 more for ZEISS quality single vision lenses with the top of the range ZEISS Duravision  Platinum anti-reflection coating for only an extra £60. All ZEISS lenses offer full UV 400 protection for your eyes and the sensitive skin around the eyes. Full UV 400 protection in a clear lens - all day every day.

As we are an independent practice, at Dury and Tippett you will have access to some of the top lens brands available, including ZEISS, Essilor, Nikon and Rodenstock, to ensure that you have the best visual experience possible. You will never be restricted to just one brand of lens at Dury and Tippett.

Varifocal glasses to relieve visual stress

Dury and Tippett are A  ZEISS vision partner, using ZEISS I-Terminal AND ACTIVISU centration technology. Our Lens Clinic is a ZEISS CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE.

Varifocal lenses contain more than one prescription power within the same lens. Unlike bifocals, which have a distinct line separating the two sections, the sections of a varifocal lens blend seamlessly into one another.  Many people find that this allows for a much wider range of vision, and therefore a more comfortable all-round visual experience.

Here at Dury and Tippett we specialise in Digital Freeform varifocal fitting with Activisu – a clever piece of technology that measures your exact eye position measurements, to within 0.1 mm. to ensure your glasses are tailored precisely to you. We also have access to the latest ZEISS iPad-based i.Terminal digital measuring system to achieve the same precision. Steve Dury has been dispensing ZEISS lenses for over fifty years. We have the equipment and the experience to ensure success. Our Lens Clinic is a ZEISS Centre of Excellence.