"E-scoop" lenses for Macular Degeneration


New E-Scoop lens can improve vision for people with Macular Degeneration

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of sight loss in the UK. It affects the central vision and can make seeing fine detail like reading difficult or impossible. The new spectacle lens called E-scoop has offered hope for those whose sight has deteriorated through this condition (or other macular diseases). The new lenses look like no other spectacle lens. The unique curve, thickness, prism, colour and coating could improve your vision significantly.

The lenses can give you:

  • Partial recovery of your central vision
  • Reduction of your sensitivity to light and glare
  • Better recognition of details
  • Improved contrast
  • Improved depth perception

It is very simple to try the new lenses - we have a set of lenses you can try over the top of your prescription spectacles (you need to have a current up-to-date pair of spectacles) - If you get the "WOW" factor - they work. They really can improve your vision significantly. If the trial clip-on works, we can then make the lenses to your prescription, further improving the sight that you achieve.

So how do they work?

  • The lens thickness and curve magnifies the vision
  • The lens displaces the image that the eye sees onto a healthy part of the macula and therefore has a higher quality of vision than the damaged macula.
  • Research has shown the lower part of the macula suffers the most damage, so the design shifts the image upwards to a healthier part of the macula.
  • The special colour of the lenses provides more contrast and a reduction of sensitivity to light
  • It helps reduce reflections with a high-quality anti-reflection coating

Are these eccentric viewing spectacles?

No - Macular degeneration normally damages the inferior part of your macula and these new lenses shift the image to a healthier part. The image is always kept within the macular area. Most of our patients are looking for the best image quality, with these spectacles this process is repeatable and provides a restful view of the image.

How long does it take to get used to your new lenses?

Adaptation time is very quick; you should immediately experience a "WOW' factor.

Who can benefit from theses lenses?

These are primarily developed for you if you have macular degeneration. You can find the beneficial effects of these new lenses at every stage of macular degeneration.

What do I do next?

Call 0117 957 3542 to book an appointment today and try the lenses for yourself. Bring your up to date spectacles and prescription. Also bring any reading material or objects you are struggling to see so you can test for an improvement. If your glasses are not very recent we recommend booking an eye examination with us at the same time.  E-scoop lenses work best when the prescription is as accurate as possible.


'Vista Mesh' - new help for migraine sufferers


Migraine affects a staggering 15% of us, and it’s symptoms and frequency can be really debilitating. But 20% of sufferers also experience visual problems, known as ‘aura,’ before their headache.

These more unusual symptoms might include seeing zigzag patterns, flashing lights or parts of an object appearing to vanish. Some will experience an aura without developing a headache. Others may become hypersensitive to light or touch. Certainly, migraine can affect people in a number of different ways. But there is something that can help.

Research has shown, that glare from overhead fluorescent lights and flicker from computer screens often trigger symptoms. At Dury & Tippett, we have specialist ‘Vista Mesh’ lenses, available in plain form or with a  prescription,incorporated which can actually help to reduce the visual symptoms of migraine. ‘Vista Mesh’ lenses have an almost invisible micromesh filter built into the lens, and are scientifically developed to reduce flicker and deflect electromagnetic radiation - drastically reducing symptoms of ‘aura’.

It’s worth noting that many people with dyslexia also use Vista Mesh lenses, as they have been found to help increase concentration, align scattered light reflections and enhance text on the page. So, if certain aspects of everyday life affect your vision, just speak to one of our team by contacting us on 0117 957 3542.