Retro and Vintage eye wear

Stand alongside some of history’s most famous spectacle wearers with our retro eye wear range

John Lennon. Audrey Hepburn. Steve Jobs. History is filled with people who have not only become well-known for wearing glasses, but have made it an effortlessly cool fashion statement. Now you too can show off the chic spectacle styles of yesteryear through Dury & Tippett’s extensive retro eyewear collection.

Your frames will be created individually by the master craftsmen of Savile Row, one of the most high-end and desirable names in quality apparel. Customers of Savile Row include such famous names as Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Eric Clapton. With a pair of glasses from our retro eyewear collection, you will be joining an elite group of style icons.

For those looking for a genuine splash of vintage fashion, we also offer a monocle crafting service which very few high street opticians are able to provide. Originally made fashionable by the dandies of the 18th Century, a monocle is suitable for patients whose eyesight is weaker in one eye.

Whether opting for monocle or spectacles, you can rest assured that your eyewear will be manufactured to a precisely authentic design which recreates iconic vintage frames.

A pair of glasses from our retro eyewear range offers much more than just clear vision and eye-catching good taste; it’s an investment in both your eyes and your style.

Designer vintage and retro eye wear by Savile Row

Sports Eye Wear

Don’t let your vision affect your sporting performance – specialist eye wear can help you stay on top of your game

Whether sport for you is a pastime, passion or profession, you don’t want your eyesight to hold you back from achieving your sporting goals. That’s why Dury & Tippett offer an extensive range of eyewear specifically crafted for a range of sports, giving you focused eyesight while also enhancing your sporting experience.

Not all sports eyewear is the same. Just as you need the correct equipment to play your preferred game, your eyes need the right frames and lenses to give you the vision you need to excel and improve. You also want to know that your glasses won’t let you down in any way, particularly at that crucial make or break moment.

There are several features to choose from when selecting sports eyewear. Non-slip nose and ear pads ensure your glasses will stay exactly where you want them to be, whilst wraparound frames help to give you the fullest field of vision possible.

Lenses with 100% UV protection shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays as you play, whilst exceptional glare reduction means clear vision even when the sun is at its brightest. You should also consider contrast tinted lenses, which enhance or dampen specific colours – such as green for sports played on grass – to improve your vision even further.

Whether you’re planning to join your teammates on the pitch, take in a round on the green, hit the slopes or pedal through the countryside, Dury & Tippett have the specialist glasses for you.

Get the most out of your sports eye wear

Safety Eye Wear

Our safety eye wear range both corrects and protects your sight whilst at work

If you work in a potentially hazardous environment, you wouldn’t go to work without wearing the appropriate protective gear for your head, your hands or any other part of your body, would you? It’s no different for your eyes, and with up to 20% of eye-related injuries in the workplace resulting in vision loss, it’s important to ensure your eyes are properly protected.

Thankfully, Dury & Tippett are here to look after your eyes and your vision, leaving you to focus on doing your job. If you work somewhere such as a building site or factory where your eyes could become physically injured, you will find a range of robust prescription safety eyewear available in our practice.

These glasses and goggles use a range of tough yet lightweight materials, including durable PVC frames and hard-wearing polycarbonate lenses. Many designs also come with wraparound protection to ensure your eyes are shielded from all angles.

If you work in an office environment, you may think that your regular spectacles are just as effective whilst you’re at work. But if your job requires you to work using a visual display unit (VDU) such as a computer screen for long periods, it’s important to ensure your eyewear is helping your eyes to avoid excessive strain.

Specialised VDU glasses help to reduce glare from screens, and can also be coated to counteract the harmful blue light emitted from computer monitors. If you want to know more about the dangers of blue light, visit our information page about UV and blue light here.

If you need prescription safety eyewear in order to carry out your job, then your employer is required to help you with the cost of these. In some cases they will even pay the full amount, meaning that getting your eyes the essential protection they need won’t cost you a penny.